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Share Holders:

Amenity Share:
We do not sell or rent amenities to the public in the garden directly to anyone under any circumstances, so please do not ask. However, we do offer amenity shares.  Under an amenity share agreement, a person may buy an ownership interest in an amenity in our garden; the amenities are kept at our private garden; and the buyer pays a regular boarding fee to the maintainers in exchange for the maintainers taking care of, tending to and providing service to the amenities, and providing a share of the use commensurate with the buyer's investment. If, after reading through the information above, you'd like to order a share, you can contact us through phone or email to make arrangements with us directly.
Amenity boarding agreements that comport with California contract law are legally recognized. Amenity boarding contracts are private agreements between individuals who collectively own the an item in a particular private space and the maintainers are hired to manage said items. When you purchase shares in a amenity and sign a boarding contract to pay for the care and management of your portion of the amenity, you are entitled to receive a corresponding amount of the amenities use, depending on seasonal availability. Buying into a amenity should not be done casually and requires an ongoing commitment to the maintenance, the maintainers are hired to manage the amenity and the other shareholders.

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